Get Outdoors!

Attending parent groups with your little one can certainly be a daunting one at the best of times. What if my child cry’s, I don’t know any other parents, or they do an explosion in their nappy (your child of course, not another parent!)? Now, above all these anxieties, we have concerns whether these types of groups are COVID safe.

Woodland Tykes aims to create a safe, relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere where parents can feel at ease attending the various parent and child groups on offer.

Over the last few months we have seen the whole world change from what we had previously known and we’re still unsure for how long all these new restrictions will be in place.

Evidence shows that, by being outside, the possibility of COVID-19 being transferred between people is far less than in a home or crowded building, so long as social distancing guidelines and hygiene procedures continue to be adhered to.

Woodland Tykes are working with the Government guidance and new procedures set by Forestry England to ensure that all workshops are COVID secure, meaning we are doing everything to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

Too Shy To Go Alone?

Don’t worry. All we ask is that you make us aware if you are bringing another adult with you. We are currently working on lower occupancy to help make the sessions COVID safe, so please get in touch before your session so we can make arrangements.

The First Session

‘Breaking The Ice’ always seems like a daunting thing; a bit like you’re sat in a training session and you need to introduce yourself to other participants. Don’t worry though, you’ve brought along a natural icebreaker – your child! Babies and children are a brilliant way to start a conversation and find something you have in common with another parent.

My Child Won’t Keep Still!

That’s absolutely natural for this age. We do have certain times in our groups where we come together, such as for story time or singing, but we don’t force children to do this if they would prefer to keep on exploring the woods!

The only time we ask for undivided attention is if we are taking part in a ‘risk-taking’ activity such as working with tools or fire.

This Group Isn’t For Me

We’d be sorry to not see you again, but we completely understand that we may offer something you or your child aren’t comfortable attending. Just come and have a chat to us – any feedback is most appreciated.

For all session availability, please visit our website.